This is an interesting perspective: Hell is the PRESENCE OF GOD, and that those who fail to repent will find God's presence painfully unpleasant.

What I can't understand is, why? Why would God's presence be so painful, even to the wicked? What is it about being with God that would make God so unendurable?

And if God is supposedly everywhere, how could he be any more present in the hereafter than he is right now?




C.S. Lewis Said It Best

I was always taught that hell is, indeed, the absence of God…


One problem: <that thinking seems to be based> on the OT belief in Sheol, the place of the dead. Eschatology, especially pertaining to people's eternal destiny after death, developed quite a bit up until the end of the first century.


I believe that God is love, and I agree with those who suggest it's bad theology to say that God's presence would be painful for anyone. C.S. Lewis says it well, when he says (this isn't verbatim, but the general idea) that hell is the state to which a person will go after death, when that person had told God to leave them alone all their life, and finally God grants them their wish.





Hell Is All In The Mind
 I've always wondered if Hell was simply something inserted by the Church to scare believers into controlling them.

Even if not, and Hell really does exist, I don't think it's like anything we've been lead to imagine, as most of what is described to us comes from Dante's Inferno, cartoons, folks stories, and man-made sermons.