Hell On Earth

 Anyone who has experienced depression will tell you that there are certain states of mind that result in a hell-like experience. Interestingly, in my own case my experience of depression has been a result of self judgement and self hatred. Coming out of "hell" has been a process of facing the reality of my feelings about myself and others and learning to forgive.


If anything at all happens after death, perhaps it is a mind-created reality in much the same way.




Hell Is What We Wish For
 Hell is really a place where we are separate from God because we wish it to be that way.


Do all people who go to hell wish to be there? I am not sure, but it seems to me hell is a place where one wishes to go.... Why would God send someone he loves there; only by objecting to God do we go there. I will not know until the end of my life on this earth. I hope to enter Heaven and be with Jesus and His Mother, and all the saints.


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Hell Is the “Presence of God”