Our prayers at the stone near St. Kevin's Bed, and the dancing andchanting on Knocknarea were, for me, God-intoxicated moments, full ofthe warmth of God's embrace and the ecstasy of living! --Andrea S.

Every bit of the trip was perfect. I found my heart's home; I hopewherever I choose to go in the future Beliefnet has a tour going in thatdirection. That was the way to go. I've recommended it to all myfriends. --Sherley

This was as close to heaven as I've ever felt here on earth! I simplyloved it. I want it to happen all over again. And I stopped smoking!--Pat P.

Carl knew his stuff and had a wonderful way of relating to allparticipants and being respectful of differences. --Nancy S.

Glendalough provided most of what I was looking for on the tour: abeautiful natural setting, historical ruins, connection with Celtichistory, and an inspiring guide, Father Michael Rodgers, whodemonstrated the contemplative attitude. --Dennis O.

[Father Rodgers] combined a deep mysticism with a Jungianpsycho-spiritual orientation, a humility and a respect for questionsrather than dogmatic answers. --Nancy S.

I was touched by the attention to and respect for our various religiousbackgrounds, even to the point of accommodating the variety of my owncheckered path. --Andrea S.

This trip is so deeply ingrained in my heart... just looking at thetravelogue brought tears to my eyes. What a joy! --Martha H.

I loved walking the land--to Maeve's Mound, at Glendalough, and atBridgid's well. I've been on many, many group adventures around theworld and yours is among the BEST. --Nancy S.

At Newgrange, standing where prehistoric men had stood 5000 years ago intheir spiritual quest was very moving. --Dennis O.

I'll be saving me cheddar to join Beliefnet another time. Nobody couldhave done it better. --Andrea S.

I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. The people, theplaces, and the excitement will stay in my heart forever. Out time atHoly Hill was worth more than the cost of the trip. I learned so muchand made such wonderful and close friends in that short time. I think about itevery day. I can truly say that it changed my life. --Frank S.