Mr. Haggard--who, not surprisingly, mentions only the Jews and not the Catholics who have also expressed concern about the script--seems to be insinuating that we Jews would hold back on criticizing something we found morally objectionable if a Jewish cause were in danger. With friends like these, it becomes difficult to know what counts as anti-Semitism.

If Mr. Gibson wants historical accuracy and if his primary concern is the glory of G-d--as he has repeatedly stated, and I believe him--then why not screen his pre-release cut for the scholars' committee or a comparably qualified group of Jewish and Christian historians and theologians? Their suggestions would not bind him, and he will have demonstrated his allegiance to his own principles.

And, if Mr. Gibson has made the changes recommended by the scholars such that those egregious scenes I've mentioned and the others of their ilk are now removed, why isn't he thanking us rather than allowing his lackeys to bear false witness against us?