Any religion that teaches one how to connect with the incredible source of truth - the FORCE - is certainly going in the right direction.

"Star Wars" has become the great mythical tale for the modern era. Jedi Knights, The "Force", the Evil Empire, Anikan Skywalker's fall from grace to become Darth Vader and his redemption. What a grand example of a myth!

What is it that the Force represents to which people are responding? I think that the Tao represents one aspect of this reality. But I think that a lot of people are looking for a faith that reflects the whole of the human experience. This would reflect all of the religious varieties: indigenous faith, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, etc., as well as the new earth-based religions. It must also reflect the human story in general, whether it comes out in a world religion, an ancient myth, folklore, science fiction literature, classic literature, historic narrative, etc.

The Force is synonymous with The God Force: the energy that people unite with when they leave the flesh, e.g., the "white light at the end of the tunnel" that many near death experiencers have reported. This being the same energy spectrum that Christian faith healers and Reiki practitioners utilize for healing.

The Force is representative of the Source or Foundation of the Universe. All of the Words spoken by the ObiWan and Yoda are in adherent Lao Tzu, Christ (not the religions who say they believe but do not follow), and Buddha. All 3 Spiritual Masters seem to have gotten their words from the Same source (Force).

Just like Odin gave an eye, Heimdall gave an ear...he's simply a quiet wise god who prefers to keep silent, listen carefully, analyze the situation and then, should he wish, he intervenes. Just like the Jedi Master Yaddle from the Jedi High Counsel in Episode I: according to the Star Wars manual, "Yaddle waits silently during long discussions before giving her only judgment, calm and powerful" I find this a good example of what Heimdall is: A wise god, with excellent perception capabilities, calm, highly responsible and, in a way, father of humankind, just like Odin, Vili and Ve.

I would say the Force could be analagous to Wyrd, Fate, Dán, etc., in that it's a force (no pun intended) that pervades all levels of creation, affecting everything without exception. It's neither good nor evil, but simply is.

Yes, phrased that way, the Force is like Moira, just like Wyrd, Dan, and so forth (as I understand them). The main difference between the Force and these concepts is that you can't manipulate Fate (to translate the European ideas) or the Tao. At least with the Tao, attunement with it can produce some dramatic results, supposedly. That is, however, not something I have seen said of the European "Forces."

It was always my impression that the Jedi weren't supposed to fight unless attacked. They used their "magick" for defense, only, which seems to parallel Wicca nicely.


Jedi is more a masculine religion whereas Wicca is more of a feminine religion. Not the same religion but one that would balance each other well.