Missouri Synod's Washington Office Closes Due to Budget Cuts> (RNS) The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, faced with a serious> budget crunch, has closed its Washington advocacy and information office> in a cost-saving move.> In a final message to subscribers to the Office of Government> Information's "Church and State Update" e-mail newsletter, former OGI> Director David L. Adams wrote that the closing means, in part, an end to> the newsletter and discontinuance of OGI's Web site.> The office opened in 1986 with a part-time director, Candace> Mueller. It later was expanded to include three full-time staff members.>> "Thank you for your past support and encouragement," Adams wrote to> subscribers. "On behalf of OGI's staff, we hope that you will all> continue to fulfill your God-given vocation as citizens in this society> through responsible, well-informed and thoughtful participation in the> process of governing our land. It has been our honor, and our pleasure,> to assist you in this in some small way."> Adams has accepted a position with Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.