Finally Taxi got better; he could walk on his own. Then I got the bad news. Geshe Khenrab unexpectedly died just after returning from his fund raising mission.

Taxi lost his energy. He just lay down all the time. He lay in his favorite spot, on a rug near the front door where he can still pretend to guard the house. Or I took him outside, but I had to pick him up and carry him because he couldn't do steps anymore.

One day, he was lying out in the carport where I could see him, and I was typing, when I heard barking. There was Taxi at the bottom of the steps, standing. He hadn't done that for a while, and he was just looking up at me.

So I went down and picked him up and carried him up the steps. We got inside the door, on the rug, and I put his head on my knee, and I looked into his brown eyes and they looked into mine, and then he was just gone.

Here's what I think. I think Geshe-la's prayer had its effect. I think Taxi followed Geshe-la and finally caught up with him. And if you check around in a monastery somewhere, two little boys are hearing about the dharma; they are inseparable.

Because otherwise it doesn't make sense. Otherwise I don't know how to explain how that dog who couldn't move, got up, barked, looked at me, and told me to pick him up and carry him upstairs at that moment so he could die in my arms.

And if you can explain it better, OK. But I'm sticking to this story. Because I do believe there are things we don't understand and unless we make room for them we'll be living in a very flat world.