In Defense of Evangelicals
Two leading Catholic conservatives sent House Speaker Hastert an open letter deploring recent political attacks on Evangelicals.
by William Bennet and Michael Novak

Protecting Marriage
California voters will decide the future of marriage
by James Dobson

My Thanks to John Rocker
A pitcher's stupid comments show that racism is on its way out
by John Shelby Spong

A Path of Death That Leads to Life
In Jesus' time, the cross was as clear a symbol of execution as today's electric chair. So what does 'taking up the cross' mean?
by Marcus Borg

Trademark on the Church of God
A tiny denomination in Tennessee is engaged in a court battle to prove it is the only true church
by J. Lee Grady

Reminiscences of an Active-Duty
Preacher's Kid

Even now people ask, "You're a pastor's daughter? What's that like?' I tell them: it's a gift.
by Deborah Caldwell

The Trivialization of Death
In our death-sanitized society, authentic Christianity is marginalized and hope in resurrection is lost
by Lilian Calles Barger

Researchers: Claims of Christian Revival a "Myth"
Barna survey finds no significant change in religious beliefs and behavior
by Andy Butcher

Soul Therapy
Do evangelical Christian therapists have something to teach their secular counterparts?
by Mary Sykes Wylie

Becoming the Spiritual Leader of Your Home
Make the Promise Keepers message endure by taking spiritual responsibility for your household--and its dirty dishes
by Larry A. Jackson

Energizing Evangelicals
George W. Bush can learn from John McCain's folly
by Richard Land

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