The story--or, The Story--is simply "irresistible," says Peter Jennings. The search for the historical Jesus has all the elements of a great tale: mystery, drama, history, politics, and a charismatic personality. "This is a good story," and, he says, "my God, it is relevant."

Selected Audio from the Jennings Interview

Jennings' thoughts on:
  • Why looking at the historical Jesus might be controversial
  • How someone of faith should process his show
  • How he practices his faith
  • How his own faith has been renewed
  • How religion is viewed in the newsroom
  • How he deals with doubt
  • If he prays

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  • So three years ago Jennings and producers Tom Yellin and Jeanmarie Condon set out to make a journalistic documentary about Jesus. They spent many hours talking to scholars and walking the historic sites of Israel. The result is a captivating two-hour show--airing June 26 at 9 p.m. EST--that traces the debates about who Jesus was and whether the Bible is historically accurate.

    Though books and magazines have trafficked in Jesus scholarship for years, "The Search for Jesus" is a landmark for prime-time network television. It is, in a way, not surprising that Jennings and ABC would be the ones to do it. As a former Middle East correspondent, Jennings has long been fascinated by religion. He has been sharply critical of how the media cover religion and likes to boast that ABC is the only network to have a full-time religion reporter.

    Will the show be controversial? Jennings has heard criticisms that the show relied too heavily on the Jesus Seminar, a group of controversial scholars who challenge the historical accuracy of many key elements of the New Testament. (Jennings counters that those scholars are well-balanced in the show by more conservative academics.) More important, the very premise--a journalistic look at Jesus--will strike some as, at best, beside the point, and at worst, offensive.

    Jennings recently sat down to talk about Jesus and the show with Steven Waldman, editor-in-chief of Beliefnet, which starting Monday will host a weeklong discussion about "The Search for Jesus."

    Jennings also discussed, reluctantly but ultimately revealingly, his own faith.

    Beliefnet: There may be some who would say the whole idea of searching for evidence [is misguided]. Religion is not about documentation--it’s about faith.