Are the children of an annulled marriage illegitimate? Is it true that the marriage never really existed? How much does an annulment cost? A priest answers questions about annulments.

Time magazine asks: "Should Annulments Be So Easy?"

The National Catholic Reporter examines "Reopening the Divorce Question."

Beliefnet members discuss annulments:

"My husband refused to sleep with me. Then I discovered the big secret. He was a cross-dresser. The reason for the annulment was listed as 'Denial of Connubial Bliss.'" Read more.

"I seriously considered annulment, but I discovered that the Church in effect was saying that a marriage never existed, and I had five children, which to me said emphatically that it had." Read more.

"The prospect of sitting in a room with a bunch of priests from a religion that I do not agree with and rehashing old wounds is not something that I wish to repeat." Read more.

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