On Trust and Hope

The Aouel’s example is one that encapsulates the power and simple beauty of this program – these are normal people living their normal lives. The couple even attested to this in how they approached having TLC in their home. “In the beginning you just had to be aware that you were on camera in terms of where you’re walking, but for us as individuals and as a married couple, we didn’t really feel any type of pressure from the camera,” said Nader. “We’re very comfortable in our skin and very content with who we are and how we live our life. We had nothing to hide. TLC is a network that we truly trusted in, and we knew they weren’t going to portray us in a negative light.”

Nader and Nawal have very high hopes for what the show can do in America where portrayals of Muslims are often colored by tragic events that actually have little to do with American Muslims. Nawal’s hopes center around her dress and who she is: “What I want viewers to take away is that image of hijab. I would just hope that people can finally see past it and relate to me as they would relate to their mother, or their sister, or their daughter.” “We hope that when people watch All-American Muslim they’ll see past us being Muslims and relate to us as Americans who for me,” said Nader. “I am a father, a loving husband, and for Nawal being a mother, and a working woman.”

Those who choose to watch will certainly see that, and much, much more. Each one of these five families have problems, hopes, and dreams, but they show one thing that is crystal clear: their faith is a part of who they are and their faith is a part of America. They are able to be Muslim and American, and as Nader told me, “the beauty of being in America is that you go after your dreams.” The hope of this show is that in an America that often disparages Muslims, we can all still dare to dream that anything can happen. This includes people of all faiths living in peace with one another, no matter where they come from, what they believe, and how they dress. “God bless TLC for believing in us” said Nawal, and I have to agree.

All-American Muslim appears on TLC Sundays at 10/9c.

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