Do you find it difficult to stay awake during class or business meeting? Do you find yourself wanting to pull the metaphorical football away just when you friend is about to kick it? Do you have a favorite blanket that gives you extra comfort when needed? Do you have a hard time seeing due to the large heart shapes in your eyes? You just might be Peanuts character. It's nothing to be ashamed of. We all have a little Peanuts in all of us. For 65 years, Charles M. Schulz and his family have given us access to the lives of these fictional kids and because of that, they have become a part of us. Who doesn't have their own version of a kite-eating tree, something or someone that gets in your way of doing something great? Who hasn't had their own "sweet babboo" only to have your feeling not reciprocated? And who hasn't had a pet who refused to act like a pet? To see who your inner Peanuts character is, take this quiz. Jeffrey Totey is an entertainment columnist for Beliefnet. To read more from Jeffrey, visit his column Peanuts and Popcorn.

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