Do you enjoy doing Twitter?

Yes. I felt like an old lady. Like when I first got back around, it’s like, “You’ve got to get a Twitter account. You got to get Facebook. You got to do MySpace.” I’m like, “I got to do what?” It’s kind of fun. It actually turned out to be really kind of great, because I’ve actually made some really cool friends that way. You start to recognize certain personalities and they show up to shows.

And it’s kind of -- it’s great. It’s kind of -- it’s nice if you’re like – you show up to some place and kind of have a home bay. You’re a thousand miles away from home so I kind of dig it. Other days, I’m like, “This is so dumb.” I sometimes -- if I haven’t Twittered for four or five days, then I’ve got 9,000 people coming back for me going, “Why am I attempting to sign up to your account if you don't say anything?” You don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all.


But it is kind of fun. And I really do appreciate that, and I think the one other thing I love about it most between, with Facebook and Twitter, is being able to actually share with the fans something you don't always get to share, which is the side of it, when you’re just totally riding the adrenaline high, it’s a really great night, and you’re just loving everybody that you have met. Sometimes, all I’ve ever been able to do is just go back to the bus or go back to the hotel room and then go, “Wow, that was a great night.” I have no place to put that. And now, it’s a really cool way of saying, “You guys really showed up tonight,” letting them know that the concert experience is just as fun for me; like I felt like I got to go to some place special and do something special. To able to give that back has been really fun. So I didn’t -- of all the reservations I had in doing it to begin with, that’s like one of the things that majorly makes up for it. 

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