Tell me a little bit about your own spiritual life?  Were you raised Catholic or Protestant?


I'm Catholic. I had a Communion and a Confirmation back home in

Ireland. But in my family we very much believe in each other, and that was always the way I was brought up--that family was the most important thing. If [there was] anyone I ever needed to turn to, [it was] my mom or my family back home. They weren't very strictly religious. I'm grateful for that because I was never put under pressure to believe in anything I didn't know myself. To me family will always be number one, and my friends, and where I come from. That's what I believe in and trust--the circle of trust that surrounds you growing up.

Do you incorporate Celtic spiritual traditions into how you practice your faith?

Before we go on [stage] we always bless ourselves three times--just for the last-minute bit of nerves. We just look after each other. It can get so hard when you're away. We're on a five-month tour now, and that's a long time to be away from family and home. It's a bit of a cliché, but it is like a little family on the road. The girls are like sisters to me now.

When you and the girls bless yourselves before going onstage, do you say a specific prayer or more of a traditional Irish blessing?


I always bless myself and [say], "God, let me have a good show." [And I pray] that the last-minute nerves don't kick in too hard. And every time I get on a plane I bless myself, and I say a little prayer that I have a safe journey. And I wish that my family back home is safe. I'm always thinking about them before I take off. I bless myself when I land, just to thank [God] that we had a safe journey, to look after us, and make sure our travels are always safe and easy.


Have the people of

Ireland started reclaiming their Celtic culture?


Yes. Irish music was bred into us from the day we are born. Looking back to our ancestors and our heritage, it was always in our culture. Even through the hardest of times Irish people always turned to music. They have a song for everything--for drinking, for depression, for famine. I remember a song growing up that was for milking the cows.


Music is so important to Irish people. [We] almost always play an instrument, or sing, or dance.

But I think that within the last few years, because of the Celtic Tiger [the period of rapid economic growth in

Ireland from the 1990s to early 2000s], there's been such a boom. For such a small island we've really made our mark all over the world. St. Patrick's Day in