But Eric doesn’t relate his story for fame for fortune. Films and books allow us to temporarily live the lives of other people, and getting to see, first-hand, the effects of drugs and addictive behavior, as well as the steep price that inevitably follows, can be life-changing. 6 Below allows us to experience mistakes like these without directly experiencing the consequences—an invaluable experience.

“I believe, “says Eric, “that this movie not only healed me, but has potential, because I have so many people coming to me, going ‘You’re my son,’ or ‘I’m worried about this loved one or that loved one or a family member or friend,’ and then I have other people coming to me, saying ‘I’m going through this medical challenge, and you just inspired me that I could overcome anything.’

I have some other people that come up to me and just grab me by the hand and say, ‘It’s unbelievable, this spiritual transformation and the working of God in your life—it’s incredible.’ And then I have other people who are opportunities that come up to me and may be atheists or unbelievers, and say ‘Hey, how did you really get through it?’ And so I can share with them that I have the right attitude, I have the right determination, and I have the right foundation with faith.’”

On why his experience on Mammoth Mountain changed his faith, Eric had this to say.

“I think, at my low point in the hospital, once the spiritual realm showed itself to be real to me, I was able to push into Christ, and His spirit that quickened Him from the dead. Once that filled me up, and once I got a taste of that, and was able to communicate to the Trinity—as it says in 1 Peter, it was just milk that I needed.”

The Journey From Addiction to Redemption

Josh Hartnett’s portrayal of Eric LeMarque in 6 Below is a cautionary tale. Eric, a man who lived for materialistic pleasure, was brought low by nature, only to realize that there’s more to live for than the next euphoric thrill.

And despite sustaining debilitating injuries during his experience on Mammoth Mountain, Eric tells us that his life has never been better, never been more filled with purpose and light.

Audiences everywhere—particularly those struggling with addiction—have much to learn from Eric’s story. As he says, “with the right attitude, determinization, and faith, you can overcome anything.”