Finding Nemo Marlin

What happened to Nemo's mother, Coral?

Although her fate isn't shown onscreen, it's strongly implied that a barracuda ate Nemo's mother, along with the majority of her eggs, leaving Nemo the only child left.
Finding Nemo Carol

Where do Nemo and his father, Marlin, live?

Like real clownfish, Nemo and his father live within the protective stinging tentacles of a sea anemone. The natural layer of mucus produced by their bodies protects them from the anemone's sting!
Finding Nemo friends

What's different about Nemo?

Because Nemo's egg was cracked in the barracuda attack, his right fin is underdeveloped.
Finding Nemo Marlin

What takes Nemo away from his home?

The dentist, P. Sherman, goes for a dive in order to find new fish for the aquarium in his dental clinic, and captures Nemo!
Finding Nemo Dory

What color is Dory?

Dory is, of course, blue.
Finding Nemo Sharks

What causes Bruce, the great white shark, to go into a feeding frenzy?

Bruce, along with his two shark friends, strive to be veterinarians. This goes well until Dory gets a nosebleed, sending Bruce into a feeding frenzy.
Finding Nemo the tank

Where is Nemo taken after being captured?

Nemo is placed into the aquarium of a dentist's office, where he meets a new group of fishy friends.
Finding Nemo deep sea

What is the street address of the place Nemo is taken?

The address is 42 Wallaby Way in Sydney, Australia, the address of dentist, P. Sherman's office. Notice the interesting resemblance between "P. Sherman" and "fisherman"!
Finding Nemo turtles

What is the name of the sea turtle that Marlin meets?

Crush is the sea turtle with the laid-back, surfer-dude attitude that helps Marlin and Dory find their way.
Finding Nemo Dory Marlin

What other language does Dory speak?

Interestingly, Dory speaks whale, and summons one to their aid!
Finding Nemo Nigel

What is the name of the pelican who tries to aid in Nemo's escape?

Nigel is the pelican that attemps to help Nemo escape from the dentist's office after meeting Marlin and Dory.
Finding Nemo and Marlin

What weakness does Nemo's father overcome, in the end?

Marlin is overprotective of Nemo, and understandably so, after losing Coral and the rest of their eggs, but overcomes this by the end of the film, allowing Nemo to bloom.
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