A doll is a perfect conduit to be used. Stephanie Sigman, who plays Sister Charlotte, was so disturbed by the dolls and according to a rumor, she asked a priest to come in and bless the dolls on the set. LaPaglia told dreadcentral.com since he was a Lapsed Catholic. "I’m not big on the supernatural. I’m pretty much a science guy. I need scientific proof myself. Otherwise, it’s totally open, it’s not objective at all, but I also respect that people do have those feelings."  

No matter where you stand on the paranormal, "Annabelle: Creation," is expected to be filled with twists and turns. You don't have to believe in the real Annabelle, possessions, exorcisms or ghosts, to enter an alien world of wickedness to be entertained. But when you're at the movies, remember that Raggedy Ann is sitting in a special case built for the Occult Museum in Connecticut. She was exorcised by a priest several times and it's believed that some energy remains attached to this doll. If thoughts of the real doll is scary, stick with the film, it's much safer.