Did Michael Moore come to mind when you were making this film?

Oh, very much so. Michael Moore revolutionized documentaries and made people know that you could make a documentary on a fairly serious subject that would attract a mass audience. And that was a big inspiration to us in terms of our being willing to take on this big project. And, yeah, we owe a huge debt to his pioneering work. We're not fans of his politically, but we are greatly impressed with what he did in terms of showing the path forward for documentary filmmakers. His contributions were tremendous.

If there's one thing that you could say to people about this film, if they haven't seen the movie and they're reading this interview, what would you want them to know?

I'd say they better watch it because academic freedom is very, very, very much in danger and it's much later than they think. We're much farther down the road to losing academic freedom than people realize.