And that's what I did. I put the coffee cup down, went back into life. I was lucky, because I'm an actress, and I was able to get work. If you begin to think about someone else besides yourself, you begin to be back in life. And the self-pity doesn't help you. You will not bring that person back to life. And it's part of a living experience. I'm not being cold about this. I'm being very clear about this, because I've lived it, and continue to live it.
And obviously you're not forgetting the person you lost.
Not at all. My husband, as I said, wrote this beautiful thing about how we shun people, and it's in the movie. He said, "When we see infirm people or old people, homeless people, we look away and we shun them, and we take away their light." And it's what we do. And we mustn't do that anymore. And ageism, of course, is the last bastion of bigotry. Bigotry! Everything else is dealt with through new laws and stuff, but nobody seems to care about older people. No one that I know of, in any government I know. And that's so wrong. Because we still have power. We still are older and we're wiser, and we've lived a life, and continue to live a life, and they just don't seem to care about it.
Where does your passion about this issues, homelessness and ageism, come from?
I keep my eyes open and my ears open.
And I look and I see and I hear and I get involved. I personally have three charities that I deal with, and I deal with them fully. I've been a chairperson of Children Affected by AIDS Foundation for 14 years now. I've been involved with Puppies Behind Bars for several years. And now I've just gotten involved with L.A.'s Best, which is an organization for latch-key kids after school, and it's wonderful. They've done a research project on this and proven that these kids who go to this after-school program--first hour is a supervised hour of homework, and then they can choose between science or dance or music or painting or drill or whatever they love to do--and they have found that these people who have had the experience of L.A.;'s Best after school do not leave school but stay on and continue their education.