Living now in New York and continuing to act in movies and onstage, he attends Mass occasionally and says his faith is different from that of his altar boy years. "I question more now. I don't mean that it's all hokum, but I've lost a simple faith. I do still believe, but I like to encompass all religions now. I believe we're all paying homage to God."

But churchgoing is still a part of his life. "I always drop in a church when passing to say my Catholic prayers, and I make sure my children say them." He is raising his two sons Catholic because "they should learn some roots in a certain dogma. Not The One True Church, but I tell them there was a man called Jesus Christ who was the Son of God, simple stories, that he was a man the world is still figuring, he is." Churches are "comforting places," he says. "Generally I just give thanks for how lucky I am. I'm healthy, I have some money in the bank, I have healthy children and a wonderful wife."