What about the players who get stopped for a sound bite on the way off the field and thank you for the win? You're making liars out of them.
They should thank the company that made their steroids.

Do you at least still shape team personnel? You admitted in our last interview that you told Reggie White to retire from the Packers, just like he said. Then two days later you told him you'd changed your mind and wanted him to stay on for another season. Were you behind Roger Clemens leaving the Yankees and then unretiring?
No, I like George Steinbrenner too much to do that. He's always offering me advice up here. We've gotten kind of close.

So, you and the Evil One are placing bets on Super Sunday?
Definitely. We both like the Patriots, so it may have to come down to the point spread.

What's at stake?
The loser spends two weeks in Houston. It'll be hell for him.

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