Beth:  Only minor traffic infractions.


Dog:  We have a standard that we set. Beth lost her father.  We lost our daughter. Besides death, once

Mexico goes away we have probably whipped everything.  As the Bible says, be sure you know that you’re not going to whip death.  But, with faith, you can whip anything else that comes.  And already in the short life we’ve had together, which is 15 years, we have whipped every single thing that has came into our life but death. 

So, if Adam ever had an Eve, or if Eve ever had an Adam, it is Beth and Dog, or Dog and Beth.


You were recently quoted as saying that you were the poster child for rehabilitation in

America.  As the poster child, what advice do you have for people who may be on the wrong path, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or living a dangerous life?

Dog: The first thing you have to do is say "No," which Nancy Reagan made famous in the '80s.  "Just say no."  I, Dog the Bounty Hunter, say "Just say no and run."  Let’s add that.  Run away just for a second and call me.  I’m Dog "Help" Chapman.  She’s Beth "Help" Chapman.  Even if you’ve got to call us, we can help. If they’re in a bad situation, don’t stick around.  Get out of there. Quick. Move. Get out of there.  Run. 

Is there anything that you normally don’t get the chance to talk about to the media that you really wish you could? 

Dog:  We usually don’t get to express our religious beliefs, because there’s a few things you don’t talk about—religion or politics.   So when we meet people, the first thing we like to bring up is their religion and politics. I love talking about God, but you can’t let your real religious beliefs show too much in a television persona, so to speak. So to get down to the nitty-gritty, "Do you believe in God or not?" is very cool.