What do you think is the most important aspect of Jesus’ teachings?

Dog:  Jesus said the most great love of all is that you would lay down your life for a friend.  Not a father, not a mother, not a brother, not a daughter, but a friend. Now, if you have to lay your life down for a friend, you better love that friend.  Jesus said the greatest gift of all I could give you is love. 

What can we expect from this new season of "Dog"?


Beth:  This season on Dog you’re going to see a lot of the same. You’re going to see a lot of people being captured. You’re going to see a lot of souls being saved. You’ll also see the

Mexico case unfold before your eyes. It’s a very compelling season.

What inspires you both to keep going?

Dog:  It’s against the law to starve babies and we’ve got to bring home a paycheck and feed our children.           


Beth:  We’re not qualified for anything else.


Dog:  No.  We just had a dream and a goal and both of us thought that we—how do I put this politely?— that we were legends, in our own minds anyway. We thought, "Just look at all the new friends that we could have if we could just get out there enough?"  And that’s happened. Did we foresee this?  Not exactly how it’s happened.  Do we dream about it?  Oh, absolutely.  Are we happy?  Probably one of the happiest couples in

America.  Do we fight?  Probably the hardest of all the couples in

America.  Are we crazy?  We’re absolutely crazy.  Are there lines?  We do not commit felonies.  We do not do that.