Beth:  And that we don’t hurt anybody else, and that everybody comes out all right.

I’ve heard that back when you were in a motorcycle gang, you came up with your nickname, "Dog," because it's "God" spelled backwards.  Did you pick the name because of your faith, or was it to reflect your superiority?

Dog:  I didn’t name myself.  In the motorcycle gang, we had a president, vice president, sergeant of arms, treasurer—you know, the basics.  The brothers get together with the president and they nickname you when you became a full-fledged member. 

At 16, I [still] believed in God a lot.  If [the gang] were going to rob a church, I’d go, "No, we’re not." I was kinder than the average outlaw biker but I still had the outlaw heart.  I was very loyal to my bikership, my 'hood, my brothers. I was Dog Disciple and that was it.  I couldn’t be Dog something else.  I was that club.  I was very loyal—like man’s best friend.

We had a guy named Preacher, one named John the Baptist.  So the brothers and the president got together and said, "We christened you 'The Dog,' which is God spelled backwards.  Now [whistles], come on, puppy.  Let’s go."  [The name] stuck with me until today.

Do you think that for a family such as yours, where the mother and father have such dangerous professions, faith plays a bigger role in your family life?

Dog:  Absolutely. Faith is probably our whole being, our whole family life. [But] we have common sense.  You can’t walk out and say, "Weeds be gone" and they die.  But we have milestones and mountains in our life that could never be removed or conquered without G-O-D.  In order to have Him and to believe in Him, you’ve got to have faith.  Faith is the substance of hope—of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  So if you can hope for it and imagine it, and keep imagining and hoping and seeing yourself driving a new car, or seeing yourself getting that job, or seeing yourself excel, seeing yourself help that personthat is faith. It’s a substance, it’s an actual thing, like a being—a spiritual being—that’s led into the room.  Without faith, you are nothing.  Without faith, the spirituality is dead.  So faith is a very importantprobably the second most important thing, besides Jesusin a believer’s life.