Mexico, did you feel abandoned by God or upset with him?

Dog:  I had to pull a bunch of faith together that I didn’t have [at] one time, and I felt very challenged.  And then I realized this and started thinking that people had warned me [of] exactly what had happened—even a dream that I had. Spiritual people walked up to me and said, "Get ready, because you’re going to face a huge trial of faith in your life.  But don’t worry about it, because, remember, God would not bring you this far to let you down."

So one night in the corner [of a] Mexican jail, that became a reality.  I didn’t have as much faith as a grain of mustard seed, but I had as much as a grain of sand.  And with my family there [his son, Leland, and good friend, Tim Chapman, who are also part of the bounty hunting team, were arrested as well], I combined the sand together to make the mustard-seed faith, and the gates of the Mexican prison opened.

Did you pray when you were in jail?


Dog:  I pray all the time  In

Mexico I prayed for [God to] please get me home.  God said, "Would you like to stay here and help me spread my Word?"  And I said, "Not necessarily this time. Please give someone else that job. I want to go home."


Recently, Hawaii lawmakers honored you and Beth for the work you’ve done, and passed a resolution urging

Mexico to drop its efforts to extradite you.  Have you heard anything about whether that resolution has had any impact on the Mexican government and whether they will, in fact, drop the case?


Dog:  Hawaii asked

Mexico to please drop charges in the state, in the senate, in the Congress.  We haven’t heard any word yet.  I’m sure that it will…


Beth:  ... take awhile.


Dog:  I was in

Mexico and they’re not from an alien planet.  They’re human beings.  But, first of all, we’re all human before we’re Americans or Mexican.  They're very, very human.  So I think now they’ve been told the real story [of what happened there], so I feel confident.