Joe Haupt/Flickr

Speed of the Ambulance Questioned

When the ambulance finally arrived at the scene, it was traveling at a pedestrian pace of 19 kilometers per hour (12 mph). This was questioned by investigators, researchers, medical and emergency service experts alike. The excuse was made that they were traveling with high-tech medical equipment. Given it was essentially a mobile theater room, it allowed the emergency team to begin treatment as soon as a person is inside the ambulance. They said that traveling at that speed would have put their work in danger.

We can only speculate how different our world would be if Princess Diana had not died in a car accident that tragic day. She taught us that there is more out in the world besides ourselves. Princess Diana tried to help as many people as she could in the time she was with us and she will always be remembered as a beacon of light and hope. The late Princess of Wales will be forever missed.