In the movie, Grier's character also faces a problem common to empty-nesters. She not only becomes easily annoyed with her always-around, newly retired husband, but is also nervous about reconnecting and being alone with him after many years of marriage where both were raising their daughter and working.

To women struggling with that same problem in their own relationships, Grier offers this piece of advice: "Always keep your feminine grace. Be the best woman you can be. If you love your womanhood, you can love a man. It's the truth. "

Grier just wrapped up filming the series finale of her successful HBO show "The L Word," and is now preparing for the release of her long-awaited memoir next fall.

So, what will surprise her fans to learn about this empowering actress?

"The fact that my spirituality is intact," Grier said. "That I've shared what I've learned with others; that I love reading and writing; that I've read the Wall Street Journal every day since I was 18; and that I have a John Deer tractor that I ride all the time." "I wish it were pink though," she added.

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