We have nine food distribution centers that we assist around the nation of Israel. We provide food, clothing, medical supplies and other humanitarian relief aid to those Jews and Arabs who are really struggling financially like Holocaust survivors, the elderly, single moms and orphans. That’s our primary focus. We do it in the name of Jesus, so that people know that Jesus loves them. It’s done unconditionally. There’s no requirement that someone come to faith in Jesus. But that’s what we believe and we want to show the love of Jesus in a real and practical way. 

How can our readers get involved?

Joel: The website is JoshuaFund.net and people can learn about what we’re doing. We’ve got videos of my messages. We do podcasts of my radio interviews that I do on a monthly basis with Janet Parchell related to Middle East issues. And we have the ability to give online. We lead tours to Israel and we do conferences, the Epicenter Conference to educate Christians.  More than 50,000 Christians in 113 countries watched online as that conference was webcast worldwide. That was exciting to see how God is opening the door for us to communicate God’s love.

A lot of that came out of my writing because from 2002 to 2006 I was going on all these book tours and I was writing books about Bible prophecy. I sensed that people were saying: 'Okay, I believe you. These things could happen. What can we do to help?' It was too difficult at the end of a sermon or a conference to list all the different organizations that one could theoretically give, so we decided to set up a Joshua Fund as sort of a mutual fund.  And we would make them, vet them and invest in them and help them advance the team of God in Israel and the other places. And then people could participate and help us help Israel. And that’s what’s happened.

Christians have a lot of fear of the future. Is there any advice that you can give them?

Joel: I encourage Christians to do four things. One, pray, give and go, meaning learn what God’s doing in Israel and the Middle East, understand it both factually as well as scripturally. Secondly pray. Pray knowledgeably, faithfully, consistently for the peace in Jerusalem, for persecuted believers in the region to be stronger and for the gospel to be spread. Give to ministries such as the Joshua Fund that are doing effective work to advance the Kingdom of God in Israel and the Middle East. Go get involved and then go out and tell other people that God is moving. More Jewish people and more Muslim people are coming to faith in Jesus as the Messiah in our world today than in any other time in human history. Rather than living in fear-- we should be living with the excitement that the signs of Jesus’ return are mounting. 

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