The woman's distraught husband was overjoyed to find his wife but shocked to see the baby in her arms. He wasn't even aware that his wife was pregnant. Of course, they loved the baby, who has all the advantages of a child in a wealthy family. Things might have gone along nicely, but eventually Tess, the nanny, gets connected with the husband's evil twin to plot to get rid of him so the twin could get all the family money.

Tess's personality traits were drastically different from any character that I had ever played. My favorite characters are ones that you can see their public self and their private self, and the contrast between the two. I prayed I would get the part of Tess.

God answered my prayer with a callback. A callback is when the casting director likes you enough for a role that they invite you back to read for the producers. I prepared for my callback, and I thought it went well. I thought to myself, I'm getting closer.

I used to walk into auditions with the subtext, "Please like me. I can be whomever you want me to be so I can have your approval." I was learning that God approved of me and Rob approved of me so I didn't need the approval of strangers.

When my name was called, I went inside. I felt totally relaxed because I wasn't desperate for the job. I knew that my profession no longer defined my identity, because my real identity was in Jesus. Even though I would've loved to work as an actress again, especially on this show, I trusted God for the outcome.

I got a call in a couple of days for a screen test. I'd made it to the third step. My manager warned, "You probably won't get it." He was usually so positive, but he knew I was going up against others who'd been on soaps before, and I think he thought I didn't have a chance. "Tracy, don't be disappointed, but I think it's unlikely they'll go with an unknown."

I refused to allow the words of my manager to discourage me; if the Lord's will was for me to get the part, then I knew I would. It was that simple. When I went in for the screen tests, they did my hair and makeup and then they told me to wait in the dressing room. I was the last person to be called into the audition.

Praying for the first time before an audition, I said, "God, if this is your will, please allow me the circumstances for a good audition." I relinquished the job to the Lord. In the past I wouldn't pray. Instead, I would demand that God give me the job because I wanted what I wanted. Now I wanted Him in control and His will not mine.

A couple of nights later, my agent called and asked, "How far is the drive to Burbank?" I said, "About 45 minutes. Why?" She said, "You're going to be making it a lot."

To her surprise I didn't scream, laugh, or cry. I just said, "Oh, great." She said, "Aren't you excited?" I said, "Yes, it is great." But for me it wasn't the end-all that it used to be. After getting the part on "Sunset Beach," I was informed that our largest audience demographic was 12- to 18-year olds. I was going to reach the girls I wanted to help in the ministry that I felt that God had called me to do. I also understood that my role on this TV program would give me the platform to influence others. I thanked God.Rob and I discussed the logistics. I was excited and wondering, What is it like to be on a soap? If I'm on a soap every day, will people start recognizing me in public? I was happy because I had a calm assurance that this was God's plan for my life. God had given me a platform, and this time I would use it to glorify Him. "Thank you, Lord. This is something I've always wanted."

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