Excerpted from "The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization" with permission from Dunne Books.

The Great Experiment

What we are attempting is truly audacious. Like Lucifer and Adam, Western Man has decided he can disobey God without consequence and become his own God. In casting off Christianity, Western Man is saying: "Through medical and biological science, we have learned how to prevent life, how to prolong life, how to create life, how to clone life. Through our military technology, we know how to win wars now without losing a single soldier. Through our understanding of monetary and fiscal policy, we know how to prevent depressions. Soon we will know how to prevent recessions. Our global economy promises prosperity for all through free markets and free trade. Global democracy will bring us world peace, and we have in place the institutions of a world government. Time and goodwill will take us there. God was a good flight instructor, but now we no longer need Him. We will take over from here."

The de-Christianization of America is a great gamble, a roll of the dice, with our civilization as the stakes. America has thrown overboard the moral compass by which the republic steered for two hundred years, and now it sails by dead reckoning. Reason alone, without Revelation, sets our course. The Founding Fathers warned that this was a bridge too far. No country could remain free unless virtuous, they said, and virtue could not exist in the absence of faith. Do not "indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion," said Washington in his Farewell Address. "Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports." John Adams agreed: "Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." Consider what has happened to our society with the overthrow of the old moral order.

One in four children born to white women are out of wedlock. In 1960, it was 2 percent. Three in four unmarried white women have had affairs by age nineteen. In 1900, the figure was 6 percent. Teenage suicides are triple what they were in the early 1960s. The test scores of high school students are now among the lowest of the industrialized nations.

Abortions in the United States now run at 1.2-1.4 million per year, the highest rate in the West, with 40 million performed since Roe. v. Wade. Births to married women in the United States, 4 million in 1960, fell to 2.7 million in 1996.

The U.S. divorce rate is up 350 percent since 1962, and one-third of all American children now live in single-parent homes.

Nearly 2 million Americans are in jails or prison, 4.5 million on probation or parole. In 1980, the prison and jail population was 500,000.

There are six million narcotics addicts in the United States.

In the African-American community, 69 percent of all births are out of wedlock, two-thirds of the children live in single-parent homes, and 28.5 percent of the boys can expect to serve a jail or prison sentence. In major cities four in ten black males aged sixteen to thirty-five are in jail or prison, or are on probation or parole. Drugs are pandemic. Children do not learn in schools. Conscientious kids are intimidated and beaten up. Girls are molested and assaulted by gang members high on dope and rap.

These are the statistics of a decadent society and dying civilization, the first fruits of the cultural revolution that is de-Christianizing America. Reading these statistics, one is reminded of Whittaker Chambers in Witness: "History is cluttered with the wreckage of nations that have become indifferent to God, and died." Again, Jim Nelson Black:

"No matter how far back you look, you will find that religion was always foundational to the great societies. Whether in India, China, Palestine, Greece, Carthage, Africa, or the civilizations of South and Central America, the story is always the same: Civilization arises from religion, and when the traditional religious beliefs of a nation are eroded, the nation dies."

Europe has begun to resemble the United States. Between 1960 and 2000, out-of-wedlock births soared in Canada from 4 percent to 31 percent, in the U.K. from 5 percent to 38 percent, in France from 6 percent to 36 percent.

As a guide to people's moral lives in Britain, Christianity has been "vanquished," Card. Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the archbishop of Westminster, told a gathering of priests in September 2001. People now seek happiness in alcohol, drugs, pornography, and recreational sex, said the cardinal in echo of the archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey, who had observed, a year earlier, "A tacit atheism prevails. Death is assumed to be the end of life. Our concentration on the here and now renders a thought of eternity irrelevant."