From grapefruit diets to indoor rock climbing, yoga to the analyst'scounch, health is an American obsession. We'rewilling to spend millions of dollars each year to ensure our physical andemotional well-being. But we leave out "the moral realm," and Charles Shelton(a psychologist) is determined to promote the concept of "moralhealth."

He argues that without a healthy, well-functioning conscience, aflourishing sense of right and wrong, we will be unhappy and "morallyunhealthy." For a therapist, there is something rather unreflective and glib about hisscolding to just be good. But there are clearly some important lessonshere as well, about throwing out the Nikes and looking inward a littlemore. Shelton's message that we should give our consciences the sameworkout that we do our abdomens, biceps and quadrilaterals is well taken.

Think of it as Pilates for the soul.