If you have kids, chances are there's been plenty of times when you'veturned your eyes heavenwards and muttered, "God help me." Now there's abook which is supposed to do just that. "Women, especially mothers, aretreated with deep respect" in the Bible, say Judy Bodmer and LarryRichards in this guide for mothers, and they hope to point women towardScripture that will help them care for their children as God cares forthem.

Sounds like a good idea. But this "guide" is really as much about marriageas it is about children. Bodmer and Richards have long passages about theevils of divorce and the importance of staying married at all costs, comewhat may. Women are informed that "choosing to go childless is not inGod's original plan," but then again, "trying to raise a child without afather is also not in God's plan." Bodmer andRichards make it clear that being a good mother means, above all,having a traditional family, advice that is dubious use for many--and that hardly bespeaks the love and forgiveness that were part of God's original plan.