Now, there are people who also use their right hand or foot for various things – despite the fact that they use their left hand predominately. If you’re in question of how much of an actual lefty you are, there is a fun test you can take at Lefty Fretz. The personality quiz is based on the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory. In 1971, R. C. Oldfield published a measurement scale, that helped cultivate left handed theories, and is a way researchers have determined a general understanding of left or right-hand dominance.

Lefties are definitely a special group of people – so much so, they even have a special day. International Lefthanders Day has been officially designated as August 13th. As you may presume, on this day left handers promote awareness of the inconveniences they face on a daily basis and also celebrate their uniqueness and differences. The international day has been celebrated since 1976; however, the day (within the states) was declared officially in 1997 by the Left-Hander’s Day Club.

If you have a friend or family member that’s a lefty, make sure you recognize some of the daily struggles that they go through and confer, with them, as to whether or not our statistics and fun facts are applicable to their leftness.