My prayer request is that he go easy, without suffering... and that Ican remember the good times with him, and not the sadness of having to let him go. I hope there are cats in Heaven... Ween will be right there to meet me. --Beverly

"As Much as We Rescued Her, She Rescued Us"
Our 14 year old longhair Chihuahua mix, "Judy," is so happy and loving, no matter what, every day. Unspoiled andunfazed by the sometimes awful things that occur in our lives and and inour world. Truly an angel in a furry little doggie suit.
Father, thank you for this precious angel you sent us. When you placedher there on the side of that road we didn't know then that as much aswe rescued her, she rescued us too. Thank you for this gentle kindloving spirit ...bless her and keep her happyand healthy in Jesus' name.
--Suzy J.

"Helping Me Through the Rough Days"
My pets, Benjamin and Daphney, are two Papillions. I know they are angels sent from above to help me through the rough days. I come from a family that consists of a mother who abused me, and a father who abuses alcohol. Sometimes I think it is so unfair that I have the family I do, but then I look at my dogs and realize how lucky I am to have them. They are my rocks and they keep me going on days when I feel like giving up. --Rachel C.

"Dogs Are Not Our Whole Life But They Can Make Our Lives Whole"
O'Laf Hans Harrell II ...has taught me about unconditional love. My husband and I have no children at home anymore and O'Laf and my two other weimaraners are our children. I come from a broken home ... I did not feel loved my entire childhood. This continued through to adulthood and has made it difficult in my relationships. I since have been spiritually filled with God's unconditional love and truly feel loved because of this inspirational bond that I feel my O'Laf has for me. Dogs are not our whole life but they can make our lives whole. --Phyllis H.

"He Reminds Me to Be True to Myself"
This is Monster, a ferocious-looking Persian cat. His huge underbite draws giggles from all who meet him and is the reason for his name, but Monster is actually very sweet-natured. Monster reminds me of what it means to be geniune and sincere. He reminds me to be true to myself and accepting of others.--Rachaelle L.

Visiting Shut-Ins
My dog Sadie is an adorable mutt--half Chihuahua and half Yorkie, with the emphasis on Yorkie. She loves to be around older folks so we go at times to a retirement/nursing home to visit the shut-ins. They adore her, because she is so gentle and affectionate with them. She keeps me in the real world by forcing me to think of others, especially her! When I have a headache or the flu, she is there to comfort me, but to also make me stir around and not just retreat. --Hollie G.

Comforting the Terminally Ill
Kylie was a three-month-old puppy adopted in July 2003 from a rescue house by my daughter Karen. Two months later, Karen was diagnosed with lung cancer. By Nov. 2003, I lost my beautiful daughter in spite of all our efforts to save her life. Kylie comforted Karen during her 3-month ordeal and became my sweet little pet. Kylie is my lifeline and charms everyone who see her, as did Karen during her life. I believe that Karen's spirit is with Kiley and I am so thankful for her company. --Pat D.

Dream Cat
My cat Gabrielle is a two-year-old Himalayan seal point. I'm a 24-year-old female with severe bipolar manic-depressive condition well as a heart condition. It was Gabrielle who came to me in a dream and listened to me talk, as she usually does anyways, but in my dream she could talk and she answered my questions and helped me like no human ever could. She rarely lets me out of her sight these days and is watching me type this right now. Gabrielle truly is a blessing to me. --Sarah L.

"He Taught Me to Love and to Forgive"
Mugsie, a 14-year-old Chinese shar-pei, is a gift from God. In my darkest hours he has taught me to love and to forgive. --Vivian G.