Maximizing Bible Study... and Sobriety
This is Max... He likes to sit on my lap while Iread my Bible, and it has become a habit; because dogs love routine and with that I developed the habit of readingmy Bible a lot more and for that I am so grateful. ...I strongly believeas well that our dog has helped my husband and I in oursobriety because we also have both been sober for over tenyears now. Praise God! He is so good and I love Him so. --N. Leal"Such a Simple Peaceful Animal"
This is Kasey. She was my potbellied pig. I had her for 13 wonderful years. She was very smart and unique. As with all my pets, they keep [me] grounded. I would call her name and she would answer with a grunt; loved her belly to be rubbed. She was always happy and wagging her tail. I loved to watch her eat. Such a simple peaceful animal and watching her gave such joy. --Gail

"I'm So Glad God Sent Him"
My pet is an orange tabby named Geddy. My son and I adopted Geddy from our local animal shelter when he was a kitten. We were going through some very difficult family matters which caused us a lot of anxiety and depression. ...Geddy has been a part of our family ever since. I tell him all the time that I'm so glad God sent him to live with us. He gives us such love and attention. I believe he truly is a blessing and we are so grateful for such a wonderful gift from God! --Marilyn S. "Nothing I Do Escapes His Approval"
My dog Xuong (Chinese name for bear, roughly pronounced "Shown") isapproximately 15 years old. Once I wrote a poem about him. It wasn't great literature, but one lineexpressed his nature beautifully:
"Nothing I do escapes his approval"
Many nights when I lay awake worrying about a problem or mourning the loss of aloved one, I have reached my hand out in the darkness and found he wasstanding beside the bed awaiting my touch, sensing my sorrow or perplexityand wanting to be close to me. My dearest wish is that I may someday becomethe person he thinks I am! --RLNance "He Got Me Interested in Living Again"
This is me and my strawberry roan quarter horse Bacardi. I had him given to me when I was going though a really bad state of depression due to my other horse getting killed by a drunk driver. This guy has so much personality that he got me interested in living again and now we are competing with a lot of success in Cowboy Mounted Shooting events. --Ruth

Keeping a Family Connected
This is Calli, a Calico cat. She is a joy to have around. When my kids became older, it seemed like it was the cat that could keep us all connected, when any of us may have been feeling disconnected. Pets can add a great deal to your spiritual life. They give you a reason to stop, relax and be thankful for their gentle nature and in turn help us to be more gentle in nature too. --Debbie E. Preparation forMotherhood
I got our female German Shepherd, Abby, when she was only 5 1/2 weeks old and just fell in lovewith her. I didn't want children at the time and my mother-in-law gave Abbyto me as a Christmas present. As Abby started growing, I started thinkingabout how much I enjoy being her "mommy" and started thinking about havingchildren. As time passed, I prayed that God would give me a child of myown. I believe that God put Abby into my life to get me prepared formotherhood. Now, I have a 1-year old daughter, Reagan, and Abby & Reaganlove each other. I pray daily for both of them and I know God hears myprayers about both of my girls. Both girls are the biggest blessings!--Kim W.
Comfort During Chemotherapy
This is our dog White Eagle Talon, an American Eskimo. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Aug. 2002, he was a real blessing for me. On the days after chemotherapy I would be so sick. I would pray for the strength to get through the chemotherapy and survive for my family. Talon would always come and sit with me while I prayed.
He seemed to know that I felt horrible and tried to comfort me. I would pet him and let the stress flow out of me. He's a great little dog and a part of our family. --Carol