"A Kind, Strong Spirit"
Onion is one of a kind and a very strong spirit. All of my pets are blessings and there is no greater joy than having them. Their unconditional love, daily humorous acts and affection have gotten me through many difficult times in my life. This is a special Protective Blessing for Cats that I would like to share:
Protective Blessing for Cats

Bast, Beauty of Grace,
Protectress of the Feline race,
Shield [name of cat] from all hurt and harm
Always keep [him/her] safe and warm.
Watch over [name of cat] each and every day
Guide [him/her] home, if [he/she] should ever stray
Grant [him/her] great happiness
A good life free of strife and stress.
--Pamela R.

Amen Corner
Dobie, a miniature dachshund, 10 yrs. old, is truly a blessing to us. She is funny yet very obedient. She prays before meals and won't raise her head until I say "Amen."

I thank the Lord for her often. We almost lost her in 2000. She became paralyzed. She was operated on and can run and play again. Many were praying for her recovery. The Lord blessed us. --Darlene "They Never Hold Grudges"
His name is Joe Skunk Go, a registered Quarter horse, and he is 32 years young. He has been there through several tough times in my life and always given me the peace that comes from God.

I have dogs and more cats and 3 more horses and all of them just show me how much God really loves me. They never hold grudges, or remember when I yell-they love me and show me love all the time-just like my father God does. --Melodie C.

"Let Us Pray that She Doesn't Over-Preen"

This is "Pretty Bird," a Pearl Gray Cockatiel around 14 years old. ...We don't have children, but she is like a child and a huge blessing to us.Let us pray that all her feathers grow back, that she doesn't over-preen, and that she has a long life-up to 25 years! --Kyle T.

God "Seems More Obvious When I Look at My Dog"
Here's a picture of Marley (as in the Great Bob Marley). I think I must be dyslexic because when I look at my DOG I see GOD! Unconditional love, support, patience, etc. I know God is in everything,but it just seems much more obvious when I look at my dog.--Janice P.

Jesse, God's Gift
I talked about getting a kitten ever since I moved away from my marriage... My sisters kept urging me, 'Bev, you need a kittyto come home to at night.' I remarked that I had put it in the hands ofGod and when the very right kitten came along, the Lord would send him tome. One day soon after, an email came saying there were a family of babykitties that needed a home. There wasonly one left, and he had me at hello. I looked for the right name for him in books of names. I came upon Jesse, which means God's gift. The perfect name for my new baby kitten.--Bev K.

A Heaven-Sent Dove
A really good friend of mine passed away this past August '04. I had told him how I wish I had a pet... at his funeral they were going to release the dove, usually represented as a symbol of serenity and peace, but the dove kept on flying back. At the reception my friend's mother asked me if I would keep the dove. I said of course! I just knew it was my friend's doing. It helped ease the pain tremendously. --Jackie

Irish for "Simple Happiness"
My dog's name is "Cady," which is Irish for "simple happiness." Cady came to me at a time when my life was pretty empty & I was at a crossroads. Her arrival has brought me stability & joy. I feel "full" when she's around & just her presence makes me notice & appreciate the little things around me. The sound of her breathing at night makes me feel that God is close by.--Renee P.

"God, Keep Their Noses Cold"
Pete and Bob, domestic shorthairs ...help me remember to give thanks. Blessings that meow to be petted or hop into my lap for a cuddle are wonderful in themselves, and also light my spirit's way to knowing that I am blessed. Thank you God for my little reminders, and please keep their noses cold. --Jane R.

"Offering Comfort to His Buddy"
Blue is a rescued greyhound. He came into my life at a time when I needed hope. My first greyhound, Jessie, was dying of osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Blue and Jessie were instantly best friends. Blue cuddled next to Jessie, offering comfort to his buddy. Blue carried toys to Jessie when Jess couldn't walk. Blue walked next to Jess, propping him so Jess could get around. ...I no longer look up to heaven and ask "why me." Now I've learned to thank God for His many blessings and accept that I can't control everything.--Marian F.

Inspiring a Vegetarian Conversion
My pet's name is Punkin. He is an 11-year-old Siamese mix cat. ...I fell in love with him, and eventually, promised him I would never eat an animal again. I have kept my word, and not only have I not eaten animals, I have also enlightened many people on the evils of the factory farming business. My love for Punkin has grown to include animals of all kinds, and my love and compassion for human beings has increased 100%. I believe that spiritually, I have grown tremendously because of my cat, Punkin. --JoAnne R.

"When I Needed Someone to Hold"
My dog Louie is a Brittany Spaniel. She came into my life when I needed someone very small and warm to hold. I lost a baby at six months into my pregnancy. [Louie] filled a void that I didn't think would ever go away. She helped me heal by just being there for me to hold. --Sondra M.

"Joyful in Small Things"
Dylan is a Springer Spaniel who was very ill when we got him as a puppy. ... He had a surgery on his shoulder and can walk like a normal dog most of the time now. Dylan has taught us that you can be joyful in small things despite adversity. --Liza R.