"No," replied Shelton, slightly surprised.

"And the choir doesn't know about you, does it, because it hasn't heard you?"

"No!" said Shelton again, even more surprised.

"Well, how would it be if you came along to a few of our practices so that you could see if you like the choir, and..." he paused, waiting for Shelton to complete the sentence.

"And the choir could see if it likes me!"

"Right!" smiled the director, encouragingly. "I'm sure they will, for you did jolly well today, didn't you?"

"Yes, I enjoyed it."

"Great! Well, let's go and find your Mom," and he stood up and led the way out of the practice room and found Mrs. McArthur waiting for them.

10. Give the parents an out, too, while assuring them how brilliant their child is.
"Well, Mrs. McArthur," said the director breezily, "you've got a singer in your family. Tell your Mom what you've been doing, Shelton."

"I sang rrrring for three beats, coming off on the fourth!"

"Did you really! said Mrs. McArthur, entering into the spirit of the game. "What else did you do?"

"I sang Ah with a big mouth for ten beats!"

"My goodness!"

"Yes, Mrs. McArthur," chimed in the director, "young Shelton did very well. But he doesn't know if he wants to join the choir yet because he hasn't seen them. And you all need to discover if our practice schedule will fit in with your family's schedule. We wondered if you'd like Shelton to come along to a few practices to see what he thinks of us, and we can see what we think of him," he added with a smile. "After that you can decide together if he'd like to join us. What do you think?"

"That sounds like a good idea," responded Mrs. McArthur. "Would you like to do that, Shelton?"

"Yes, I would!" responded Shelton eagerly.

"Okay," said the director, "our first practice for new boys is tomorrow at 3.30 and it lasts for forty-five minutes. Could you manage that?"

"Oh yes, we could," said Mrs. McArthur as she shook the director's hand. "We'll see you tomorrow."

"Keep up that tennis practice, Shelton," said the director as they turned to go. "I want to hear that you've won next week's match!"