Yeah, he better be, mama. (laughter)

So tell me how you came up with the vision for the video.

Well, my mom was a nurse in this old persons' home. I used to go visit all the old people there. They loved kids, and they loved having me around. There was an ancient woman who was a famous pianist when she was a young girl, but she was all but forgotten, you know--no one visited her. She had pictures of herself when she was this young girl and she was all beautiful.

I was thinking that you can have this fabulous life, young and having fun, and in 60 years, who the hell knows where we could be? We could all be forgotten, warehoused somewhere.

I had this nightmare a while back, a dream about how I was in a wheelchair and I was really old, with long gray hair and a beard. I couldn't move or anything and I was stuck in this place. That's all the dream was--left in this hallway, with all these other old people. I woke up so relieved not to be there. That was a few years ago that I had that dream.

So when you heard the song it kind of triggered that?

Well, when I heard the song, it sounded like someone at the end of their life, reconciling with being at the end of their life, you know what I mean? (Sings) "Don't nobody know my troubles but God, Don't nobody know ..."

Reconciling with being at the end of life, or with God or what?

Reconciling with God at the end of life.

So is it based on your own fear?

Based on that dream, and the song by Moby. The cool thing about Moby is that he takes samples of music from the '20s and '30s, music that is all but forgotten, and he's reintroducing it to a whole new audience. It's the best use of sampling there can be. It's easy to take a hit record from 15 years ago and lay down your tracks on it--like Puffy. But what Moby does is take music like blues and spirituals, with a lot of history and he reintroduces it. I mean, if you had told that singer from the '20s he was going to have a hit record in the year 2000, he would have freaked out. It is an incredible idea.

I want to talk about your photography a little bit. When did you first start using religious themes in your photography?

I sort of ... I don't know. Pictures reflect my life and my interest and I have always been interested in God and metaphysics. And so eventually, that's going to get into my pictures, when it is right, like with Moby. You get someone who brings it out because it is very beautiful and sincere. I mean, you don't want to do it with Britney Spears. That would be a different video.