In this anthology of Christian spiritual writing, Richard J. Foster, author of "Celebration of Discipline," is not so much a writer as a reader who responds to the selections in the book. "SpiritualClassics" aims to assist individuals or small groups in cultivatingtwelve spiritual disciplines: meditation, prayer, fasting, study, simplicity, solitude, submission, and service, confession, worship, guidance, andcelebration. From medieval monks and nuns to contemporary spiritual leaders, "Spiritual Classics" offers readings from nearly all varieties of Christian spirituality, ancient and modern, spanning contemporary denominational lines as well. Readers will find meditations, such as SimoneWeil's commentary on the Lord's Prayer; sermons, including MeisterEckhart's on Luke 10:38; poems, like Christina Rosetti's famous "AChristmas Carol"; and even a hymn, Charles Wesley's "O For a ThousandTongues to Sing." Each two- to five-page selection is followed by a relevant Old or New Testament passage and suggestions for journaling, and every chapter closes with a reflection by Foster, and a short, annotatedlist of additional resources. "Spiritual Classics" would be a wonderful addition to any library.
reviewed by Melissa Ford