Joe Wheeler has entertained thousands of readers with his delightful andmoving anthologies of Christ-centered Christmas stories; here he turnshis attention to Easter.

In "What Was in Jeremy's Egg?" a teacher tellsher class the story of Easter, and gives them each a plastic egg to takehome-their assignment is to bring the egg back filled with somethingthat symbolizes new life. Most children opt for moss or flowers, butJeremy's egg is empty. His teacher is at a loss until Jeremy explainsthat Jesus' tomb was empty, too.

In "A Glimpse of Heaven," Mark, ablind 21-year-old, regains his sight through an operation, but a fewdays later becomes blind again. Mark's cousin is crushed, and suggeststhat life is a "cruel joke," but Mark explains that "life meantbitterness and disillusion only to those who rejected all that Christcame to bring. To those who accepted the fullness of life He offered,the present was vital with joy, the future radiant with hope."

Thesethirteen stories border on the saccharine-they won't win any awards forliterary merit. But they do remind the reader that there is more toEaster than bunnies.