Endlessly studied, highly cross-referenced and hard to lug around, few books are better suited to CD-ROM technology than the Bible. Many publishers have bundled their best Christian Bible software of late, offering them at very affordable prices. In this first installment of Beliefnet's CD-ROM selections, we review the best available binary Christian Bible "classics," as well as new material.

  • The Book
  • Zondervan New International Version Bible
  • Family Bible Collection Deluxe Edition
  • Ultimate Multimedia Bible Reference Suite
  • Treasures of the Bible

    The Book
    Tyndale New Media
    Price: $19.99, Windows 95/98 Windows NT
    Contents: One program on one CD-ROM
    Availability: Christian booksellers, major retail and software chains, and www.tyndale.com


  • Chapter and Verse: Up-to-date and easy to use, with excellent multimedia toys, "The Book" is an especially good choice for computer beginners and evangelicals.
  • Added value: "Photobubbles," 360-degree panoramic images of the Holy Land
  • A joint project with Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network, Tyndale's CD-ROM shows the New Living Translation verse-by-verse on one window while a "working" window engages the reader with an atlas, "Great Stories From the Book" and "Great Chapters From the Book," plus a "People" section with detailed profiles of Biblical figures. A "Topics" area addresses the Bible's treatment of myriad human concerns, including love and marriage and depression.

    Standard on most of these discs, but especially well done here, is the "Media" section, with photos, art, 150 dramatic readings, time lines, a personal journal of your journey through the Bible and the "photobubbles."

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    Zondervan New International Version Bible
    Zondervan Interactive/Mattel Interactive
    Price: $49.99, Windows
    Contents: Two programs on two CD-ROMs, plus a softcover book
    Availability: Christian bookstores, major software and mass-market retailers, plus www.zondervaninteractive.com and www.shopmattel.com


  • Chapter and verse: A very well produced package, with two Bibles for the price of one, with recorded readings by James Earl Jones
  • Added value: Artwork and an inventive soundtrack build an inspirational mood
  • Zondervan includes not one but two Bibles: "Comptons Interactive Bible New International Version" and "The Complete Multimedia Bible, King James Version," the later, more traditional CD-ROM containing readings by "The Voice" (a.k.a. James Earl Jones). Zondervan has also included a paperback, "Streams in the Desert: 366 Daily Devotional Readings" by L.B. Cowman.

    The first Bible disc, Compton's Interactive Bible NIV, is the showcase and gets full multimedia treatment, with art, mini-movies, audio readings, overviews, inspirational introductions, and much more. Users can build, edit, and then display their own Biblical multimedia shows. An online link puts you directly into AOL's Christian Spirituality section.

    The diverse inspirational music opens with a Haydn score for Genesis, and moves on to an Algerian folk song; Revelation features Brahms (with Mozart, Vivaldi, and more in between).

    The Complete Multimedia Bible, King James Version, an older CD-ROM production, is less elaborate than the first disc's NIV, but includes photographs, paintings, video, music, and detailed maps of the Holy Land.

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    Family Bible Collection Deluxe Edition
    Encore Software
    Price: $39.99 Windows
    Contents: Five programs on three CD-ROMs
    Availability: Major software retailers and www.encoresoftware.com