lueirether Jackson -- Sun 9/4/2005 1:03 AM
My sister, brother-in-law, niece, are all displaced, but thank God they are alive.

My nephew is missing we don't know if he is dead or alive. We hope and pray that maybe he is in texas alive, however we have not heard anything from him at this point.

My sister is a senior citizen and don't know when she will get her check from the bank. they need food, clothing , water and gas, and is presently living at our aunt house. I don't have anything to send her, because i am unemployed at the time. I just don't know what to do to help them, so say a special prayer for my family, that they can get food, gas, electric back on.

thank you

Louvonzelle -- Sun 9/4/2005 5:17 PM
Thank God for all the survivors of Katrina. I live in Michigan City, IN.. I have a son 'James Madkins' and cousins in Gretna. I know how most of the families feel when their loved one get his hand on a working phone and calls to say "mom I am ok." When I heard that there was a hurricane headed for Louisiana, I begin to pray. When I got ahold of my cousin 'Steve Jethro' who live in Gretna, and ask if he has heard from James?, he said he was ok; still I hadn't heard from James himself. Several hours later the phone rang; it was my son. He said mom and dad I am ok. I thanked God again and told my son I loved him.

He said he had roof and water damage to his apartment and furniture, and had no power, but otherwise he was ok. I thank 'Mr. Page', a friend of James who is letting him use his phone to call us. God bless him and all the volunteers.

Sincerely; Leon/Louvonzelle Madkins

Michele F -- Sun 9/4/2005 12:46 AM
My name is Michele F. I live in St.Amant, Louisiana. I knew as Katrinaapproached our shore that this time we would not get as lucky as before. Itwas unlike anything I have been through before. A large tree fell onto myfather-in-laws house along with his RV and his shop. We were withoutelectricity until this thurs. at 7:00pm. thurs. I had no knowledge ofanything going on anywhere else, but the damage done to our parish andsurrounding parishes is breath taking.

All I could and still am doing is thanking God. But when I turned on my T.V. when our electricity came back on, I could do nothing but well up in tears. Yes the plant my husband works at is gone, and we will have to rough it for a while, but these poor people.

They were left there to die. Just a few hours ago I still hear of peopleknocking through the attics of their homes for help. Where was our plan?

Why didn't they consider all of the less fortunate, they well knew that theywere there. I am so angry and I don't know who to be angry with. I amwatching alot of these evacuees come to my town and our schools. The look in their eyes tears my heart out. Please pray for them. Please pray for all ofus. Just please pray!

sharon carr [] -- Sat 9/3/2005 8:19 AM
Please help. I am dis-placed from New Orleans. I want to find myfriend Joni Pinkney. Also known as Joni Angel Pinkney. She was inNew Orleans the day before the hurricane, and I left the day beforethat. Please, if you know her whereabouts or any way that I canget in touch with her, please e-mail me.

Tracy Federici, temorarily in Los Angeles.

Carrie D -- Thu 9/1/2005 4:44 AM
I have lived in New Orleans all of my life....even through Betsy and it just seems so very unreal that this has happened. My family is one of the lucky ones that got out early and we are all safe......but spread out from Northern Alabama to Texas. For now this is the (my husband and I) hardest to deal with....NOT having them close by to help out or just hug.

We all have lost our homes, jobs and almost our minds....BUT....I know the Jesus Christ has a beautiful plan for my entire community and for the State of Mississippi and Alabama....and all we need try and exercise is patience. I am still in denial when I wake up....that there is NOTHING for any of us to go home to and that we are starting over from scratch...BUT...much support is on the way and I know that I must remain strong inspirit and prayers and we will come up from this.

Words of encouragement for any of you feeling like giving up or quiting...DON'T...wait upon the Lord and He will direct your way. We the parish of Orleans, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, Plaquemines and all effected will stick together and build a more beautiful South East Louisiana. We have lots of Pride in Louisiana and we can turn it around and make our communities better than ever....BUT we gotta hang tough.

I am praying daily for Gods strength and His understanding BUT am ready to get on with our brick at a time....So if.when you want to grab your hammer or nails we are here with you and ready to get started.

THE DEVIL CAN NOT KEEP US DOWN.....IF WE CHOOSE GOD AND HIS DIRECTION TO GREATNESS! We love each and everyone hurt by this awful disaster...but are also ready to pass on a hug and words of encouragment and hammer a few nails to get us going again. You can respond to

SO..............Keep the Faith and SPREAD THE LOVE.......
Carpentars friend whose ready to help,Carrie D

Cindy -- Wed 8/31/2005 6:58 PM
I lived through Hurricane Ivan and Dennis. I lost my home. As of this date,I am still homeless. I know the feelings of despair. I have no pictures toshow you, but only in my mind they stay. I want to help with this disaster(Katrina), but I can't. I want to open my doors, but I can't. I want to lendmoney, but I can't.I want to help feed those people, but I can't.All I can do is pray. I can do this. And if I can do this with all that Ihave been through and still going through, than there has to be light at theend of the tunnel. Every one pray.