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Most of us want to be helpful.  The problem is that in certain situations, helping can go down the slippery slope toward enabling. And then we end up facilitating bad behaviors and bad choices. How do you know when you […]

These days, I interact with a lot of old people. My friends and I now have elderly parents. Lots of the folks at my church are elderly. Even my health club is by and large attended by people over 65. […]

Having the right environment is necessary for success.  For instance, a peaceful and stable home life gives us a space in which we can truly thrive.  By contrast, a household full of stress and friction keeps us overwhelmed and unable to […]

“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” ― Oscar Wilde I would add “friends” and “music” to Oscar Wilde’s quote above. But his point is well-taken. There are certain things that we need to be […]

We all want to have great relationships. We want to get along with our family members. If we are married, we want to have a terrific relationship with our spouse. And we want to have meaningful friendships. But so often, […]

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca So often, we think that success is about getting that lucky break. And it is. One lucky break can propel you from an average life to the life of your […]

So often, when we think about gifts, we think in material terms. We think about presents for Christmas or birthdays. We think about gifts of money in terms of loans, college tuitions, etc. And those gifts are all a good […]

It is human nature to avoid admitting our mistakes. We don’t want to be wrong. The problem is that when we don’t admit our mistakes, we can’t move on from them. How many people do you know who are in […]

We live in a world in which taking the high road is not valued. Even our president has tweeted, “When someone attacks me, I always attack back…except 100x more. This has nothing to do with a tirade but rather, a […]

The notion of self-care gets a bad rap. Many people view self-care as the equivalent of selfishness. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Self-care, simply put, is the art of taking care of yourself. It involves taking care […]