Your Little Cuties
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Let’s hop in the car and go for a spin around the block! Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader PG2008  

What gorgeous lashes and sparkling eyes! We featured this little lady a while back with sunglasses (They Call Me ‘Shades’).  Without the sunglasses, we discovered her pretty peepers.  There’s no doubt who will grow up to be a beauty! Photos: Shared …Read More

Two cuties are keeping as cool as cucumbers with their sweet sunglasses.  Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader miss Bella Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader Mommaburd

Who doesn’t love cute kids, like this 3-month-old baby? “Your Little Cuties” is a new Beliefnet blog featuring adorable kids photos and videos.  Our goal is to bring an automatic smile or grin to your face.  Laughing and saying “Awww…how cute!” is also encouraged.  We …Read More