Your Little Cuties
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This bobbed and bowed toddler is all puckers and pouts, but looks like the yellow lab isn’t quite ready for his close up! Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader Hudson_Heights

You’ve heard that pet owners begin to resemble their pets (and vice-versa) through the years…so see how these kid pet owners already match their pets in the four portraits below.  Isn’t the resemblance uncanny?   Bat Boys Curly Cuties    Photos: Shared by Beliefnet reader …Read More

Baby vs. Dog.  Who will win the battle to get through the doggie door first?  Our bets are on baby! Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader Bouncybaby

This photo was making the email rounds and we thought it was too cute not to share! If you know who originated the photo, let us know.

A colleague sent a forward titled “Instructions for Properly Hugging a Baby” with five photos of a dog hugging a cutie in sunshine yellow.  We don’t know who originated the photos and text, so please let us know! 1. First, find a …Read More