Your Little Cuties
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“I am cutie, hear me ROAR!” This little kitten is ready to be heard around the world! Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader pavloveia  

We can only ask: Who doesn’t love a cute boy with a mohawk…or is it a faux-hawk? Whatever his hairstyle is, we love that it’s spiky, punk-inspired, and disheveled. Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader baby46girl  

Check out this horn-rimmed hipster.  He may not be Jack Kerouac, but he’s taken to the road and ready to conquer it!  Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader Twilightknight  

This bobbed and bowed toddler is all puckers and pouts, but looks like the yellow lab isn’t quite ready for his close up! Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader Hudson_Heights

There’s no one more photogenic than this camouflage cutie (remember her?).  She’s ready to conquer the world with her bright-eyed exuberance. Photos: Shared by Beliefnet reader Mlyons619

The cherubic cheeks and colorful giraffe bib is what we love about this cutie!

We received an email that bought a smile to our faces.  The message read, “Keep smiling…No matter what bad things happen to you, keep a smile on your face.”  In the email was a photo collage of joyous, smiling babies …Read More

What is it about cute babies that make us want to eat them? The words “sweetly edible” come to mind when we look at these two plump, bright-eyed babies wearing charming caps.  If you know where these portraits originated, please …Read More

Well, this sweetie sure knows how to turn a frown upside down.  His grin is infectious!  He must really like his bottle of milk.

Apparently, the stork left more than a baby–it also left a gherkin (appropriately, a “baby” pickle) for the little one to enjoy.  Could it have been the stork from Vlasic Pickles? Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader Theballerina