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I recently had the pleasure of meeting the reknown psychologist, April Lane Benson, at a conference in Arizona, where we were both keynote speakers. April’s an expert in compulsive shopping. Afterwards, we had a chance to have lunch together and […]

Lately, it seems like the list of society’s “money disorders” seems to be growing by the day. Common money issues today include: compulsive shopping, financial infidelity, debt addiction, hoarding, money phobia, compulsive gambling, financial enabling, and chronic under-earning.  What can […]

Sometimes we just need a little help. But when we need help, we don’t always know where to go, or who to turn to. When this happens, it’s not uncommon to fall into depression and experience feelings of despair. Some […]

John O’Donohue was a profound mystic, poet and philosopher. His presence on this earth is missed by many. Here is one of the many blessings he bestowed upon us while he was here. A BLESSING May you awaken to the […]

A Blessing for Happiness Metta Sutta (Stuttanipata)    May everyone be happy and safe,    and may their hearts be filled with joy.    May all living beings live in Security and in Peace–    Beings who are frail or […]

What’s a Money Magician? Do they have special powers? Well…not exactly. They can be very powerful and creative, however.  A Money Magician is someone who understands and has transformed their “money shadow” and is infinitely connected to the source of […]

Bless this country and our people who carry the torch for Freedom and Democracy that is our Divine Right and Inheritance. Give us strength, courage, perseverance, hope and humility in this time of great need.In the face of our differences […]

Sometimes our negative and fearful associations surrounding money can conspire against us and sabotage our efforts at creating the life and financial security we greatly desire. In order for this to shift, we need to re-create a belief system that […]

As I’ve looked around this week for good news, the best I have come up with is quite beautiful and astounding…smack in the middle of the Haitian earthquake crisis. This is not front page news, but it should be. For […]

This is not only the beginning of a new year, it is also the beginning of a new decade and what better time than now to commit to becoming fiscally fit! Whatever you did or did not accomplish personally or […]