Did you know that practicing gratitude can actually improve your brain function and overall physical and emotional well-being? Well, it’s true.  Brain scans and research conducted by renown psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Amen showed a significant improvement in brain function following the practice of gratitude. For years now, spiritual leaders and psychologists have claimed that a…

How are you doing with your 30-Day Fast From Fear Program? Sometimes, just like when we’re dieting, we fall off the wagon and allow ourselves to indulge a little. Well, when you’re fasting from fear, you can expereince set-backs, too. That’s okay…the important thing is to acknowledge yourself for what you are doing well and…

Let’s face it, not all our money problems can be blamed on a bad economy, Some of us are grappling with old habits and patterns that existed long before the crisis we are now experiencing worldwide. True, the financial crisis makes things worse. And as I always say, crisis also provides us with a chance…

In these troubling times, many people are focused on what’s not working and what they do not have. And yes, while it is true that deficiencies exist, it is important to stay focused on what is working and what we do have to be grateful for in order to stay positive and hopeful for the…


Deborah Price

Money Coach Deborah Price is devoted to offering hope and support during these difficult times. She has spent 25 years helping people deal with financial stress from a spiritual, emotional and practical perspective.

A longtime financial advisor, she left that industry in 2001 to become a pioneer in the field of Money Coaching. She is founder of The Money Coaching Institute in Petaluma, California. Through the coaching process she has developed people are able to heal past financial traumas and increase their financial self-esteem.

Money Coaching is a psychological and spiritual process for identifying and changing money patterns, beliefs and behaviors in order to live a more purposeful and financially conscious life.

Deborah is an inspiring speaker, teacher and leading expert in her field. She is the author of Money Therapy: Using the Eight Money Types to Create Wealth and Prosperity and Money Magic: Unleashing Your Potential for Wealth and Prosperity.

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