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Dear Fear,   Sick and tired of being sick and tired Had as much of you as I can take I’m so done, so over being afraid I’ve gone through the motions I’ve been back and forth I know that …Read More

This is a book I am currently working on. I think this excerpt may help you..It did me and I wrote it. What are you thinking? Have you ever asked yourself that question? It’s a question that I should be …Read More

Over the weekend, I watched a documentary on Netflix. On Princess Diana. The documentary consisted of secret interviews with the Princess. Her voice, her story. I sat there stunned as she had prophesied over her life at age 13. She …Read More

I hate meetings. They sit subconsciously in my brain, taking up space. I prepare for them in my notebooks. I travel to them, and then back again, in the middle of my work days. And what do most meetings usually …Read More

Did you know that 90% of an icebergs mass is underwater and can extend  between 600 to 700 feet below the surface? But what is the purpose of an iceberg? I mean they can be as big as Connecticut so …Read More

Thought I’d share the beginning excerpt from my book ( in rewrites now), Just Relax. It’s suspense fiction. Premise based around the Metoo movement. Set in Winter Park.     You are not hidden, never a moment you were forgotten. …Read More

I was watching this show the other night and a woman probably in her early sixties was giving an account of heaven and hell. I know, I know you’re probably already suspicious but just hear me out because I was …Read More

Rachel Hollis posted this this morning…”Are you humble enough to suck for as long as it takes to get better?” I had this total deluded view of myself and my dreams? No joke! I honestly thought yeah, I’m going to …Read More

I only looked down for a second and there she was, stopped, her break lights lit up. I hit the break as hard as I could but my car plowed into the back of hers. Just a minute or so …Read More