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Last week I listened to a podcast from Dr. Caroline Leaf, Neuroscientist and Christian on healing the brain. The brain and the mind are not one in the same. We know that our brain is an organ underneath our skull …Read More

“In each industry, harassment had it’s own particular sociology. In restaurants, liquor was omnipresent at the workplace, eroding judgment and loosening inhibitions, and managers were often loath to confront customers who got out of line. Silicone Valley was filled with …Read More

Dear Fear,   Sick and tired of being sick and tired Had as much of you as I can take I’m so done, so over being afraid I’ve gone through the motions I’ve been back and forth I know that …Read More

This is a book I am currently working on. I think this excerpt may help you..It did me and I wrote it. What are you thinking? Have you ever asked yourself that question? It’s a question that I should be …Read More

Over the weekend, I watched a documentary on Netflix. On Princess Diana. The documentary consisted of secret interviews with the Princess. Her voice, her story. I sat there stunned as she had prophesied over her life at age 13. She …Read More

I hate meetings. They sit subconsciously in my brain, taking up space. I prepare for them in my notebooks. I travel to them, and then back again, in the middle of my work days. And what do most meetings usually …Read More

Did you know that 90% of an icebergs mass is underwater and can extend  between 600 to 700 feet below the surface? But what is the purpose of an iceberg? I mean they can be as big as Connecticut so …Read More

Thought I’d share the beginning excerpt from my book ( in rewrites now), Just Relax. It’s suspense fiction. Premise based around the Metoo movement. Set in Winter Park.     You are not hidden, never a moment you were forgotten. …Read More

I was watching this show the other night and a woman probably in her early sixties was giving an account of heaven and hell. I know, I know you’re probably already suspicious but just hear me out because I was …Read More