You Can Sit With Us

Shannon Stoddard is a mother, writer and freelance copywriter. She is a member of the American Writers & Artists, Inc. and is an advocate for women facing any type of oppression. Her background is marketing but she also holds a degree in psychology. Shannon will be delving into topics that speak to the heart of women.

There are 3 questions each one of us needs to ask ourselves many, many times over.   Who is the author of life? What is the story? And what part do I play in this story called life? We look […]

“When we react, instead of respond, to an abuse, we often create a worse doctrine than the one we reacted to.”  Bill Johnson Let’s journey back to the days of Abraham, whom scriptures call “the father of faith,” and see […]

God has been speaking to me A LOT about wealth. I’ve been listening to a series on financial stewardship and then He started to show me how he views money ( Kingdom) not the worlds idea or way. First of […]

Voting can seem useless when we see what’s going on in Washington. Let’s break this down together because your vote matters more than you know. The word voting means you have a choice between two candidates and you’re vote may […]

Because They Said They Loved Me: I Let Them Define My Worth As I sit and look at the title, I am overwhelmed with emotions: anger, sadness, disbelief, and a whole lotta truth. I let them define my worth. I […]

All throughout the Bible we see where God was calling certain individuals to do impossible things. When I feel overwhelmed by what He is calling me to do, I remember a couple of things. God made each one of us […]

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and felt the tension, almost as if the air is thick? This tends to happen when we have unresolved issues, wrong mindsets, or controlling tactics. I grew up in such a home but […]

When I, Jenna was growing up, my dad had school drop- off duty. And without fail, every morning as he slowed the car to a stop and we hurriedly unbuckled our seats belts, grabbed our backpacks, and threw open the […]

You must consistently ask yourself these questions? Who am I around? What are they doing to me? Where have they got me going? What do they have me saying? What do they have me thinking? And most importantly what am […]

Have you ever felt stuck? No matter what you seem to try, you just can’t get the forward movement you desire. Let’s talk about some roots that may be holding you back. 1. Comfort zone- we all should know that […]